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Name Capacity Event Frequency Type Stage SoundSpecs
Community Arts Council of the Saanich Peninsula40FrequentlyIrregular Venuenono full specs
The Ministry of Casual LivingUnknownIrregular Venuenono full specs
Ground Zero Printmakers Studio GZPSFrequentlyIrregular Venue?? full specs
Sons of Norway150RegularlyMulti-Purpose / HallYesYes full specs
Vic Theatre213RegularlyTheatreYesYes full specs
Langham Court Theatre177NeverTheatreYesYes full specs
My Bar and GrillFrequentlyPubYesYes full specs
Intrepid Theatre Club50FrequentlyTheatreYesYes full specs
Art Atelier 546200RegularlyunknownYesYes full specs
Hermann's Jazz Club150RegularlyRestaurantnoYes full specs
Bartholomews Pub0RegularlyPubno? full specs
Dales Gallery75FrequentlyMulti-Purpose / HallnoYes full specs
the fifty fifty arts collectiveRarelyunknownnono full specs
TroublemakersFrequentlyunknown?? full specs
Sunset Labs100FrequentlyMulti-Purpose / HallYesYes full specs
Gage Gallery Arts Collective50RegularlyIrregular Venuenono full specs
Bard & Banker320RegularlyPubYesYes full specs
Winchester Galleries - Oak Bay60Regularlyunknown?? full specs
Greater Victoria Public Library - Central Branch65Occasionallyunknownnono full specs
Merlin's Sun Inc.50OccasionallyIrregular VenueYesYes full specs

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