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Name Capacity Event Frequency Type Stage SoundSpecs
Xchanges Gallery30OccasionallyArt Gallerynono full specs
Brenda Milne40FrequentlyIrregular Venuenono full specs
Lucky Bar188RegularlyBar / NightclubYesYes full specs
Intrepid Theatre172UnknownTheatreYesYes full specs
Vancouver Island School of ArtUnknownIrregular Venueno? full specs
Sons of Norway150RegularlyMulti-Purpose / HallYesYes full specs
Ocean Island Café Lounge50FrequentlyCafenoYes full specs
West End GalleryUnknownArt Gallery?? full specs
Ship Point Night MarketRegularlyOutdoor Venue?? full specs
Vic Theatre213FrequentlyTheatreYesYes full specs
Fernwood (NRG) Community Centre167UnknownMulti-Purpose / Hallno? full specs
Moss Street Market0FrequentlyOutdoor Venuenono full specs
Madrona GalleryUnknownArt Gallery?? full specs
Victoria Edelweiss Club300UnknownMulti-Purpose / HallYesYes full specs
The Avenue Gallery UnknownArt Galleryno? full specs
Deluge Contemporary ArtRegularlyArt Gallery?? full specs
Open Space220OccasionallyMulti-Purpose / Hallnono full specs
Eclectic GalleryRegularlyArt Gallery?? full specs
Winchester Galleries - Oak Bay60RegularlyIrregular Venue?? full specs
Belfry Theatre279FrequentlyTheatreYesYes full specs

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