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Name Capacity Event Frequency Type Stage SoundSpecs
Gage Gallery Arts CollectiveUnknownIrregular Venue?? full specs
My Bar and GrillFrequentlyPubYesYes full specs
Copper Owl120FrequentlyBar / NightclubnoYes full specs
Bartholomews0RegularlyPubno? full specs
Artavi Skateboard Collective25UnknownIrregular Venuenono full specs
EFernandes Visual Artist4RegularlyIrregular Venue?? full specs
Community Arts Council of the Saanich Peninsula40FrequentlyIrregular Venuenono full specs
ArtCommons.caFrequentlyMulti-Purpose / HallYesYes full specs
Carlton Club Cabaret165RegularlyBar / Nightclub?? full specs
Greater Victoria Public Library - Central Branch65Occasionallyunknownnono full specs
couch* Art GalleryUnknownIrregular Venue?Yes full specs
Lucky Bar188RegularlyBar / NightclubYesYes full specs
Red Art GalleryFrequentlyIrregular VenuenoYes full specs
The Phoenix Bar and Grill120FrequentlyPubnono full specs
Tally Ho Sports Bar and Grill310RegularlyBar / NightclubYes? full specs
Merlin's Sun Inc.50OccasionallyIrregular VenueYesYes full specs
Ocean Island Café Lounge50FrequentlyCafenoYes full specs
Lacey-Lou Tapas Lounge93FrequentlyRestaurantYesYes full specs
The Ministry of Casual LivingUnknownMulti-Purpose / Hallnono full specs
Open Space220OccasionallyMulti-Purpose / Hallnono full specs

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