Victoria Score Reading Club

Victoria Score Reading Club

Don’t read music? Don’t worry! This is an excellent opportunity to listen to and discuss music you may have never heard before.

Open Space and the Canadian Music Centre BC Region are pairing up to bring the CMC’s very popular Score Reading Club to Victoria. The Score Reading Club is a bi-monthly series featuring influential works by accomplished composers. In each session, three presenters offer in-depth looks at musical works of their choice. The works are presented live or recorded, and discussed, revealing new insites to the works.

At the Victoria Score Reading Club, we are pleased to present soprano/voice artist Cathy Fern Lewis, CMC/CLC 2011 Emerging Composer Christopher Reiche, and CMC/CLC 2012 Emerging Composer Daniel Brandes.

Cathy Fern Lewis will perform and present Rudolf Komorous’ Cold Mountain Songs for voice and cello. Christopher Reiche will discuss Cassandra Miller’s Bel Canto, and Daniel Brandes will perform and present excerpts from Antoine Beuger’s Kein Fernen Meir for solo whistler.

Join us and discover gems you may not know, hear something new and engage in dialogue about the works. Collectively, we look at the scores, listen to the music and discuss elements that fascinate us, puzzle us, and touch us in emotional ways. Everyone is welcome to attend.
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